Upon learning that on January 15th a book titled, "Fuck You, 2016” will be released I immediately thought, “Yes.  Exactly.”  Then I promptly took two steps back.  

Of course 2016 was not the worst year ever.  Yes, there was conflict, strife, and loss but to have the ability to reframe these circumstances is one of life’s miracles.  We choose how we frame our experiences. While 2016 may have been difficult, it was also one of the happiest years of my life because quite simply, I fell in love with ME.

While we may be approaching the new year with detox regimens (I love this one and this one!), fitness goals (these ebooks WORK and will get you ready for HIIT gym training in no time plus you don’t need to leave your house - amazing!) and career objectives (it all starts within - hear it from the master, himself), I invite you to also live forward by letting go of the past and approaching each day with love. Love for yourself, which will magically default to love towards others.  Each of us has the power to radically change one another’s lives through our own self-care.  Deepak Chopra breaks it down quite simply here and I invite you to peruse his wisdom.

With proof of concept in mind, I humbly offer an example from my own life:

When living in Nashville, there were a few girls that I cultivated relationships with and one, in particular, that I had invested a lot of time.  We would work out together, speak about relationships, careers, and often double date.  Once I moved out of my home, I was surprised that she did not reach out to say Hi or see how I was doing.  To be exact, I felt hurt and rejected as well as resentful of how much time I had invested in our friendship.  When I would think about this situation, my throat would constrict, I would hold my breath (something I do a lot when I am upset) and anger would build in my diaphragm, threatening to verbally spew hostile emotions.  I asked another who was familiar with the situation if there was something I had done that I was not aware of and they said there was not an incident that could be pinpointed but that overall, I probably was not invested in this situation as much as I had pretended to be.  Ouch, right?  I was so unhappy in my circumstances that I was completely unaware of how I was affecting those around me.  My negativity could make them feel undervalued or even worse - rejected.  There I was, on the other side of my ripple effect and let me tell you, it made me sick to my stomach.  In my childhood home, the number one value my parents instilled in me was to treat others how you wish to be treated and not only was I not following this Golden Rule, I was not living as my best self.  If you have been following along, you know that most of 2016 has consisted of a personal reflection on my experiences in an effort to live a life filled with positivity.  With this new perspective, I have been able to strengthen relationships that were once struggling, like this one above.  I have also seen the effects of my efforts manifest themselves in those around me.  It takes work, but it’s worth it if you work it :).

Sending you enormous amounts of love in 2017.


Billie June




Images via: weheartit