As we close the second week of 2017, I have found myself teetering between two thoughts: “It's only been two weeks, I have more time...” and, “It's already been two weeks, where has the time gone!?".  Perhaps the former mindset is where we start to generate a momentum that pulls us away from our goals.

When I consider the journey towards a path of greatness and what that may entail, I think about following my highest joy and committing to the pursuits that inspire me to be my best self.

Our highest joy is something that cannot be defined by anyone other than ourselves.  It is what our soul speaks to us when we move aside the chatter in our brain and listen to our heart.  My highest joy comes when I am in service of others - whether I am helping a friend act on their own highest joy, consulting with an employee about their passions and how to attain their career goals, providing the tools a child needs to express themselves artistically, or teaching a friend how to cook a meal for their loved one - any sort of service that brings a smile, inner peace, or elevates an individual to a new level of personal confidence is when I am happiest.

What inspires us to be our best selves is subjective as well.  For me, I am my best self when I commit to nourishing my mind, body, and soul in the following ways:

  • Meditating twice daily

  • Working out daily and hiking once a week

  • Carving out personal time against work (I tend to be a workaholic)

  • Cooking my own meals

  • Maintaining my relationships with friends and family

Being able to incorporate the above activities into one's life may seem trite but in fact, for years I could barely execute these actions once a month, if at all - I lived in New York for nearly ten years and the only time I actually cooked my own meals was when I was on the Clean Program for 21 days.  In order for me to be able to demand the best of myself, I need to be able to give the best to myself, otherwise, my momentum might shift and I will no longer be moving towards my goals.

As a society, we have been trained to enter each "New Year" with a resolute mindset to accomplish a self-dictated task list.  How are we to do that if we don’t have the energy to create the movements that invoke change?  

When I find that I am vacillating between the aforementioned thoughts and starting to feel overwhelmed by my goals and expectations, I check in with myself before I allow my momentum to shift.  Am I following my highest joy and pursuing my best self?  Chances are I am not.  However, if I have checked in with myself and feel that I am on point - one of the best things about plans is that when it comes time to pivot, we’re usually prepared. 


Billie June


Image via: deviant art