When Parker Bossley set out to write Decadent Days, the new record for Gay Nineties, we had the opportunity to host him at our house for several weeks and become pals.  However don’t let this serve as a bias for how great their EP is - because quite simply, it’s awesome.

John Lucas’s article in The Georgia Straight describes Decadent Days best when he writes,

"Bossley has long known how to craft a lethal hook; check out “Hold Your Fire” and “Letterman”—a pair of standouts from 2015’s Liberal Guilt EP—for ample proof of that. Decadent Days, however, is next-level shit..."

Check out their new video for Big Love and see just how much fun these guys are as they interact with fans on the road - listen to their new album on Spotify and buy it on iTunes.

Billie June