One of the ways that I show those around me how much I care for them is by making them a meal.  Here are some yummy recipes for a fun stay at home meal for two - or even for your next girls night.

Cheese Plate

Cheese plates are everything in my house, no menu is complete without one.

There is not an easier or more delicious recipe for prime rib than Bobby Flay's.  Request a beautiful cut from your local butcher, or grocer’s meat counter.

Gordon Ramsay is the king of risotto - watch this video for some useful tips!  When you serve this recipe, the love that is poured into the method will not go unnoticed.  

Arugula Citrus Salad

Nothing's easier than throwing together some arugula, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and adding a couple shavings of parmesan with citrus segments.  Amazing.

I vividly recall when I watched this episode of Giada’s cooking show on Food Network because I immediately went to the store and made these Raspberry Cream Cupcakes the following day.  These are divine, delicious, and so incredibly easy.  


No dinner is complete without a signature cocktail - make it easy with some bubbly!  Billecart Salmon is my favorite champagne, hands down.  If looking for a less expensive sparkling - grab a bottle of prosecco or cava!

Whatever you decide to do - just remember to relax and have fun!  Everything always comes together in the end... even frozen pizza!


Billie June