With the full moon lunar eclipse Friday night, I have felt big shifts the last two days.  Yesterday I had an appointment with my meditation teacher and while it was not the earth-shattering experience it usually is - I was rewarded with some clarity regarding my current state of confusion.

While the last few weeks have been challenging and an emotional roller coaster, I have also noticed that I've felt uninspired.  Unsure how to pinpoint the root cause and fully rationalize my emotions, I've just been focusing on living in the present.  What I've come to realize (through yesterday's meditation practice) is that my momentum had slingshot me through the window of change so swiftly, that I was unaware the Universe was also providing a cushy air bag to land upon.  Everything around me was slowing down so that I could catch my breath.  Over the last week, I was starting to feel inadequate or that maybe I was losing drive for my passions.  Turns out I've just been placed on a timeout. 

As my meditation teacher suggests,

"Sometimes when the Universe puts me on a timeout, I find that even though I'm uninterested in sitting on the sidelines, I take it as an opportunity to lie around in my pajamas and watch TV all day."

Well said.

Billie June