I love that Valentine‚Äôs day is celebrated throughout schools as a festive holiday because I believe it to be an excellent excuse to show our children that we all deserve love and how wonderful it is to share love with others.  When we create handmade valentines, sign our names to cards chosen with care, make cupcakes or decorate cookies as a family - we are creating perfect opportunities to discuss how we are all equal, we are all one, and how critical it is that everyone is acknowledged, heard, and deserving of grace.  We may all be different and not see eye to eye, but we all have the same deeper webbing, and sometimes a simple smile, kind word, shared laugh or helping hand can change a seed of fear into a seed of hope.  Acknowledge how wonderful one person is around you today, and help set an intention of self-love within them so that they may pay it forward and set that intention within someone else.  If you do nothing but serve one person in your life, know that you have lived a life worth living.


Billie June


Image via Soren Jepsen, @thelocals