Hope everyone enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday!  Honestly, I thought the Falcons were going to take it... What-A-Comeback!  2016's football season has brought some great players to light and I already have a working list for my FFL draft next season!  Let's see how everyone fares during the off-season and which players get picked up during the draft.  Plus, the Falcon's Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shanahan has accepted the Head Coach position for the 49ers... we shall see my friends, we shall see.  In case you didn't know, I am a 49ers fan and there's nothing fair weather about it.

Before the game, my friend Bre and I hiked to the Hollywood sign.  Surprisingly, I had yet to experience this hike and it was a nice, mild workout.  My internal clock has adjusted since I started commuting to the office last week and it was absolutely lovely to hit the trail first thing in the morning before crowds and heat took over.  It has also been raining in L.A. lately, which made the hike all the more refreshing!

I know a lot of you are probably sad that Football is officially over... but my favorite time of the year is coming up... BASEBALL SEASON!!!  2017 Spring Training exhibition schedule begins February 22nd.  More on that later.


Billie June


Image via NFL