I don’t usually hop on the trend bandwagon - for example, I am not that hyped about high rise jeans (neither are any of the dudes that I’ve spoken with, for the record) - but now that I am back in L.A., all I see in the "cool" coffee shops that writers go to and places people like to be seen are girls in high waisted pants, block heel sandals, and sleeveless tucked-in shirts or cropped tops.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that all these ladies are taking 90’s trends to such a serious degree because I grew up in the 90’s, it is my favorite fashion era and I used to rock my bell bottoms, platform sandals and mini backpacks with such pride.  However these days, the one aspect of this trend I am really excited about is the belt.

Belts haven’t exactly gone anywhere (except to the backs of our closets and dressers - am I right?), we all have them and will occasionally use them as functionality mandates.  But lately, belts are the number one item I want to go shopping for and my fingers are itching to unpack them from storage.  While we are still in the middle of winter I'd love to create a waste with a heavy coat, display a little buckle in my everyday uniform, or add to a skirt once we move into spring.

Belts are also a great way to invest in a “logo” piece while maximizing the value of said purchase.  I used to work with a woman who oozed sex appeal and she would wear the same Hermes belt at least 3 days a week - to this day, it is one of the items I think of first while reflecting fondly on her style (along with her 5” heels and amethyst earrings).  And of course, on the flip side, belts are something that you can find at places such as Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, or thrift stores, where they will cost less than other department or brand name stores.

Here are some looks and belt options that I’ve been coveting.

Billie June