What I love about Sarah J. Maas's heroines is that they enter the stage as one version of themselves, encounter adversity and then growth, as they make decisions, experience consequences, fall in love and forge relationships.  Through the evolution of the heroine's character, they find a strength and confidence in themselves that recognizes it's OK to walk away from people, experiences, and choices that no longer serve them.  Her protagonists become leaders, are never held down by others, and make informed decisions.  These examples of powerful women and their journeys are wonderful for our upcoming generations to be reading and engaging in.  

Sarah J Maas' Throne of Glass series is becoming an original series on Hulu (it-is-SO-good) and I was not positive that her A Court of Thorns and Roses series would be a worthy counterpart - but I was wrong.  I might even like it more - which is saying something since I read all six Throne of Glass books in less than a week.

 A Throne of Glass Series

A Throne of Glass Series

We have a couple other books we're reading this month - both fall into the self-help and education categories - stay tuned in the near future for both features.


Billie June

Book Club Review: King's Cage

I'm going to be very honest and let you know that I was not enthralled with last month's book club choice.  I debated that the second book in the Red Queen series was a little stiff because it was setting the playing field for the following installment - but the thirdKing's Cage was not only a disappointment, it was incredibly tough to chew through.  Unfortunately, I found the writing to not be as detailed as the first book, the characters to be a bit shallow and unemotional, and the story predictable. Good thing I picked up this new series, A Court of Thorns and Roses to reinvigorate my passion for YA Fantasy. <-- chuckle.  No shame.  #ReadWhatYouLove.

But let's be clear, Guys - I'm TOTALLY going to read the fourth Red Queen book.  Gotta be prepared for when the movies come out...