I have been navigating a swamp of life decisions lately - moving through the heartache of closing doors and opening new ones - struggling to find my footing while feeling swallowed by emotional quicksand.  There have been many insights and experiences I wanted to share, but it has not felt right to be so open.  However by not trying - I acknowledge I am also failing.  So I am making a commitment to myself to share.  

Recently, the Universe has blessed me with an abundance of incredible opportunities that far outweigh any negative events - and brought forward the most spectacular souls to help propel me forward in my journey.  It has inspired me.  I am grateful.  Sometimes it is much too comfortable to stay lost in the darkness and we can forget how effortless it is to step into the light.  It can be easy to think with our heads and rationalize feelings of anger, resentment, and fear, but it is freeing to set flight to these emotions and listen to our hearts.  As my meditation teacher regularly reminds me - when in doubt, place your hand on your heart and just breath - tap into your heart energy source and listen.  The answer is always there, within.


Billie June