I love fashion.  More specifically, I love shopping.  Shopping for me is akin to playing war games - or Battle Ship.  As soon as I step on a showroom floor, from a stationary position I scan each rack with my built-in sonar.  Ping!  Items register on my radar and once the scan is complete, I move in to evaluate quality and decide if each item is worth purchasing.  I can literally search, try on and pay for an entire outfit in less than 10 minutes.  Trust.  This has occurred on many occasions (especially right before closing…).

Part of what makes shopping so enjoyable for me is that I know what I like and what looks good on my body.  As I have become more decisive on what appeals to me and how I enjoy presenting myself, I feel the need to shop less for what’s trending and prefer to approach my practice by purchasing a group of basics that can carry me through a season (or two).  I found the best way for me to ensure the success of this method was to curate a uniform.  My uniform has long consisted of jeans and a t-shirt - it must be the San Diego in me - which allows me utility and comfortability as well as the duality of presenting both my masculine and feminine energies.  A uniform allows me to build off its basics and accessorize according to my personal style.  Plus, Steve Jobs, anyone?  Who wants to overthink what they wear every morning?  I prefer more sleep!

Most days, my job requires me to be the bad cop.  I am constantly negotiating contracts, on the phone with lawyers and agents, hiring and firing employees, organizing company infrastructure and executing operations, while simultaneously schmoozing clients and networking in an industry that preys on how we present ourselves.  Because I have to be tough, I also like to be approachable by wearing accessible pieces that focus on softer tailoring.  

My everyday uniform is minimal, however, I do follow this basic code:

  • Stick to neutrals: my color palette is largely black, white, and grey.

  • Be comfortable and don’t overthink it. Confidence rarely displays itself when you’re fidgeting.

  • Always have a pair of heels on hand for a last minute meeting.

  • Take care of your nails, no chipped polish. Just as important as your handshake, is your manicure.

  • Natural makeup.

  • Polished hair.

  • Subtle perfume.

  • SMILE! Light up the room with your smile!

Below is a basic makeup of what you might find in my closet.  Not only do I own these items, but quite a few have been purchased in bulk - which is one tip I cannot stress enough.  If you like it and can afford it, buy two!

If you would like to view more or shop items, check out my pinterest board here.


Billie June


Image via: sincerely jules